Have you ever considered pursuing the business of creativity? Whether you are curious about bolstering your technical skill set, or have a clear vision for your future career, madelife supports our Accelerants in designing a highly individualistic program surrounding their goals. Working with real-world projects constrained by market driven parameters, Accelerants are encouraged to push their creative boundaries beyond their preconceptions. Check out some programs we built for past accelerants:

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The way you will most effectively move forward in life is to get clear on an idea, try to do it, then reflect on it.

Angelo Keely, Creative Director

madelife’s program is based in Lean / Agile development processes in combination with Design Thinking strategies to prioritize exposure first, and then refinement / iteration. This strategy allows Accelerants to pivot or shift their program strategy and goals based on learning in real time from their successes and failures. We have built a creative melting pot where Accelerants, Mentors, Coordinators, and the greater Creative Community come together in a space where everyone learns and grows as individuals.

Learn more about how to bolster your skills or launch a career in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, and Photography, or take the next steps in your Creative Business.