The madelife Creative Accelerator is rooted in mentorship, collaboration, and continuous iteration. Once in the program, we implement a cycle of define, create, and measure with each Accelerant exploring the madelife style of creative learning and career acceleration. madelife is a mixture of the Lean / Agile processes of rapid review and pivoting combined with the solutions-based creative approach of Design Thinking.

shutter iconOur application process involves working with the prospective Accelerant to ensure madelife is a good fit. If the prospective Accelerant is a match for madelife, we will work with her/him on financing; most are surprised to discover how affordable our program is, especially when compared to a traditional educational setting.

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The way you will most effectively move forward in life is to get clear on an idea, try to do it, then reflect on it.

Angelo Keely, Creative Director

shutter iconAfter an applicant has been accepted, the Creative Accelerator begins with an in-depth orientation meeting. The orientation meeting allows the madelife team, including the Accelerant’s Mentors, Coordinator, and other madelife support staff, to raise the core questions, ideas, and goals of the Accelerant for his/her chosen field. This initial meeting is also a time for the Accelerant’s creative team to align resources for the 12-week program and help the Accelerant plan for the first creative project. Before each creative project kicks off, Accelerants develop a strategy using a pre-project form that outlines project goals, resources needed, skills to be developed, and real-world factors such as time, cost, and desired client feedback. Once the strategy is set, it’s time to get to work creating!

shutter iconThe heart of the Creative Accelerator program is the series of projects designed and executed by the Accelerant with support from their Mentors and the madelife team. At madelife the projects focus on breadth of exposure first, allowing the Accelerant to experience a number of tools and styles within their chosen field. Throughout the project Accelerants work closely with their madelife team to help support, mentor, and guide them through the process as well as hold them accountable to project deadlines and goals.

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What worked and what didn’t work so well? How were the technical and aesthetic aspects of your project? Was your client happy? Did your project have a broader marketability? Did you fail? Yes, fail! We want you to fail and fail fast. You cannot improve, build your creative confidence, or even know if you love or hate something if you don’t give it 100% of your effort. When you fail, then it’s back to the drawing board to pivot and move forward.

Each creative project lasts one to two weeks and is bookend by pre-project strategy and post-project critical review. Following each project, Accelerants gather extensive feedback from their own self assessment, from their Mentors and Coordinators, and from the greater Creative Community to help assess the success of their projects. Then Accelerants, with their Mentors, use tools such as the post-project reflection to compare their planned project goals with their project outcomes in order to objectively judge the success of their projects. Then it is time to learn from this feedback to inform the scope and pivot the strategy prior to beginning the next project.

The measurement process is where all of the joy, pain, suffering and victory come out in full force! And then of course, just like in real-life, we collect ourselves and start again.