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Contemporary Portraiture explores the landscape of the present-day portrait. Over the past 500 years, our culture has changed the way we look at ourselves. Historically, portraits were used to depict an idealistic version of an individual and put on public display in a home. Today, the most omnipresent portraits lie within the palm of your hand: the selfie is the raw version of a portrait. This collection of work is a reflection of the ‘normcore’ and the commonality of a casual portrait.

The stripped-down portrait is a shared theme in the works of contemporary portrait artists Samantha Skinner, Jon Huck, and George P. Perez. . The utilization of negative space allows the viewers’ eye to focus on the intricate lines of Skinner’s carefully detailed graphite drawings, while the hazy features of Huck’s watercolor characters tease the viewer to construct the personality of each depicted character. The classic style of portrait photographs that Perez has collected from across time and place are reconstructed to mirror the commodification of contemporary photography.

The simple complexity of these works echo the intricate details of a selfie – deceivingly, we’re all the same, and are frequently passed by with a single swipe. Look closer, and find there are more detailed parts of the whole to explore.

Musical Performance by Xenon Superstar and ambient set by Bryan Yoelin

Drink and nibbles provided.


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