Community Hang(Out)

We are excited to bring you the Community Hang(Out) this January!

Hang up your art, hang out, and get a chance to win a group exhibition.

How does it work?

Artists | Hang up to 5 pieces of art

Hanging fee: $5 / work. Purchase a ticket for each piece here: Community Hang(out) 2019 tickets.

Everyone Else | Come hang out for free, hear local bands, support our local art community & get some great art at affordable prices!


How many pieces can I hang?

We recommend 2-4 pieces so the judges can get a taste of your work, but not so many that you’re still respectful of the other artists.

What time is hanging?

3-6 pm on Saturday the 12th.

How much does it cost to hang my art?

The cost is $5 per piece of artwork

Does the event cost money?

The event is free entry – bring your friends!

Is there a commission?

If you would like us to process your payment, we will take 10% if the sale. Feel free to process your payments directly though and you get 100% of the sale.

How much should I price my work?

This is an affordable art party, so we recommend you bring works that are under $500.

Does everything I hang have to be for sale?

No, but we encourage you to bring pieces to sell.

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