A chat with Freshmoon Recordings

Having seen this crew out in SXSW throw down some serious tunes on some beautiful 1200’s, a set composed of thick basslines and abstract rhythms, I hopped on the opportunity to catch a few words with them prior to their second appearance in Denver this evening.

Having the identity of an artist launch pad at madelife, we naturally gravitated to the idea of showcasing this label for their dedication to sound innovation and artist development.

Signing on some of the gems of the Texas underground, this label has some serious treats and heavy hitters in store for us this evening.

We got to chat with MoonDoctoR, who runs the label with support of FreshtillDef


 1) What is FreshMoon and how did it start?

Freshmoon Is a collective as well as a record label with talented musicians. It started with the idea of releasing our music and music of likeminded artists independently without having waiting for other labels.

2) Will you be returning to SXSW this year?

Most definitely. We will be performing during the Peligrosa showcase On Wednesday the 18th 10pm-2am.

On Tuesday we will be doing the Shoot Recording showcase at Bercelona- a day time show 2pm-7pm.

3) Is this your first time performing in Colorado?

No the first time was at a RWD.FM show with Rashad in 2013.

4) How was it that you got connected to RWD FM and the Upcoming gig at Beauty Bar?

The man himself Jamie Shorey- Jamie reached out to us via Social Media,  he asked us to do a show on his radio station which we did for a couple of months.

5) So you and your partner in crime, also your wife, Lacey make music together, what is your collaboration process like? Is there a structure you guys follow to write your tunes?

No real structure , we just do it. We have been working together for about 6 years, since we first met.FreshTilDef

6) Who’s an artist to look out for at the moment?

Can’t name just on because we have so many! Here are few to look out for on FreshMoon ! J.Mundaca,BSN Posse, Osiris, Aika and Chango to name a few . Stay tuned!

7) Where can our readers stay up to date with FreshMoon?

Our website is still going thru a transition but you can find all of out social media links there as well as our bandcamp and soundcloud.


By: Brenda Alderete

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