THE MARATHON: What It Really Takes To Start And Finish the Race Achieving greatness isn’t a sprint. It’s not a lightning bolt or a chance meeting or an apple tree dropping its fruit on your noggin. It’s a long haul. It’s training, assembling a team, testing, trials, and trying your hardest every single day. It’s a race that’s only won by putting one foot in front of the other. With 20+ years as a leader and visionary with Nike and…

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Jamie Kripke - madelife interview

Jamie Kripke Interview

For Jamie Kripke, it’s about the experience. It’s not just the finished product, but the act of making it. This is how he sold his first photograph and how he kept his motivation before his career was lucrative. And it’s how his work is what it is— honest and beautiful.  Kripke’s photographs convey his knack for seeing the story behind the mundane, for seeing the experience. Kripke recently stopped by the Madelife recording studio to chat with Danny, Angelo and Frankie, on…

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Talk Talk Religion podcast

Spirituality Part 2/2: The Talk Talk Show

Danny Conroy and his co-hosts Frankie Graham and Angelo Keely are joined by guest Sarah Dealy to discuss Religion on this week’s Talk Talk Show, part two of two. The team discusses and reflects their past religious history including, collegiate spiritual rebirth, finding religion and lying in Catholic confession booths. Listen to the full show above and send comments to podcasts@madelife.com! If you liked this show check out last week’s part one on Spirituality!

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