Caffeinated Mornings: Jeff Graham, The Suit. Refitted.


caffeinated mornings augustIn a world where content is king – now more than ever, account-side folks need a symbiotic relationship with their creative counterparts. Today’s most sought after account talent transcends the table stakes of owning business strategy and the client relationship. They understand the most important client they have is (your agency goes here). They make it their business to be students of great creative across platforms, and around the world. They possess a producer/maker mindset. They’re relentlessly focused on generating consumer insights& briefs that inspire creative teams to do their very best work. They condition their clients to expect it, and persuade them to make it. In short, they’re able to create the conditions on every account where breakthrough ideas can live. Creative account management is something Jeff Graham has been practicing and teaching for decades at agencies like CP+B, Arnold, TBWAChiatDay and now Grenadier. 


Learn about his world first hand at the next Caffeinated Mornings here at madelife, August 7th from 9-10:30am.  See what it takes to be in the advertising account management world.

To be a successful account person in a creatively-driven agency, it requires a different perspective on the advertising industry, and a rare breed of partnership with creative teams.

Make sure to register here for the event.

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