“Caffeinated Mornings” – Berger & Föhr

“Berger & Föhr is a two-man graphic design studio based in Boulder, Colorado. The studio practices contemporary visual communication, informed by the past – inspired by the future. We employ a comprehensive methodology, rich in dialogue, rooted in experience and intuition to create lasting, considered work.”  Berger & Föhr

Last Friday, SCRIB (a downtown Boulder coworking space) hosted Berger & Föhr as part of their “Caffeinated Mornings” series. The design duo, comprised of Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr, shared with the audience not only a taste of their impressive portfolio (which you can explore here) but more importantly, the reasoning behind the design methodology, their work ethic, and the rules that guide and shape their studio as one of the most recognized in Boulder and beyond.

The title of the talk, Intention & Integrity, applies to their design just as well as it applies to their attitude towards the world of today. As a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% For the Planet, Berger & Föhr, through their work, aspire to always look after the people and the planet prior to the studio’s own progress.

Highlights of the talk:

  • The creation of a recognizable, functional, holistic, and ethical identity is the aim for any project and any client that works with B&F. Their work is not just “branding.” Their work goes beyond graphic image–it revamps and / or creates an overall identity for the client that suits the ethical and environmental guidelines pushed forward by the studio.
  • B&F are objective when designing.No room for emotions in their studio!
  • Thinking takes precedence over making. That said, their work is a result of long hours of pondering about what is it that the company and / or the client need and how to better represent it.
  • B&F seeks out good clients that fit the principles set forth by the studio. Good clients bring more good clients!

Visit bergerfohr.com for more information about Berger & Föhr.

Visit designvalu.es for more information about their design principles,

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