Caffeinated Mornings: A Monthly Morning Design Series with Collin Schaafsma

October 2, 2015 – October 2, 2015

2000 21st Street

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Colin Schaffsma makes things. He started out making things out of metal and wood and anything else that was lying around. For sometime he made a lot of things out of code, the internet and applications, during that time he built a company to make sure those things were built right. Today he’s back to the more intuitive materials of his farm raised upbringing. Today Colin thoughtfully designs, rides and makes bikes from his meal and independent bike studio, Matter Cycles.A bike company focused on quality and craft, specializing in modern geometries designed for fun.

Whether you use a keyboard and stylus and tablet or a TIG welder…this talk will be of interest to anyone who makes anything, as knowing your audience, conditions and how you apply process and approach to solve problems and making things better are what drive us all to make everyday.


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