C3: Creative Community Courses


8-Week technical crash courses to jumpstart your creativity.
Sessions from 6PM-8PM, once per week.
Spring 2018 Primers start April 23, 2018.


Digital Art & Design

Mondays 6-8PM / Instructor: Brian Essig-Peppard

This course is an introduction to 2D digital painting and composition in Adobe Photoshop. The curriculum will focus on both technique and real-world professional application of digital art. Utilizing the tools and techniques from both classical and contemporary art, students will learn to use digital painting to produce strong composition, color theory, and depth in their work. Students will also delve into the professional concepts and theories within the fields of illustration, environment, costume, and concept design, as well as practical professional training such as prepping their finalized digital art for print and digital media.

Brian Essig-Peppard is a visual artist working in both Denver and Los Angeles in the industries of tv, comic books, and film. Using digital and traditional art within a broad field of work, he routinely adapts to the roles of illustrator, art director, prop designer, concept and storyboard artist, and animator. He regularly works with such clients as A Tribe Called Quest, EA Games, Paramore, Netflix, Apple Music, Samsung, and New Line Cinema.

Video Storytelling

Tuesdays 6-8PM / Instructor: Hanna Stawicki

This is a crash course in filmmaking. Students will learn how to use the tools at their disposal to create compelling short videos. We will tackle a wide range of shooting techniques, creative approaches, and editing and storytelling basics. In addition to being provided with short creative prompts and challenges throughout the eight-week course, students will work to complete a more challenging video project of their choice. Ultimately, this course is designed to meet each student at their current skill level and help them to develop and grow as a visual storyteller.

Hanna Stawicki is a documentary filmmaker and visual storyteller based in Denver, Colorado. Originally from Virginia, she received her MFA in Documentary Filmmaking from Wake Forest University and shortly after began work as production manager for Meridian Hill Pictures in Washington D.C. Upon moving to Colorado, she worked for K23 Media as an editor and associate producer, creating content for companies including Lucky’s Market and Estée Lauder. She now works as a freelancer, collaborating with clients that include YogiApproved and the City of Boulder.

In addition to her professional experience, Hanna has a developing body of creative work. Her first film, Unconditional, premiered at film festivals around the country including New Orleans Film Festival and Provincetown International Film Festival. Her current project, Caste Out, is an interactive documentary about the lingering effects of the caste system in Nepal and is currently featured on Kaleidoscope and InceptionVR. As someone who has long loved the arts, she is passionate about creative experimentation and helping others to find their own voice in their creative work.

Creating w/Digital Audio

Wednesdays 6-8PM / Instructor: Sean Peuquet

This course provides a creatively broad but technically specific introduction to capturing and manipulating digital audio. The topics covered will include studio recording (voice and foley), field recording, editing, multi-tracking layering, audio signal processing, mixing, and preparing output files to meet different media standards. Across the course, participants will become technically versed in several modern Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software environments. Creative individuals interested in diverse creative topics such as Podcasting, Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Recording, and Audio Editing and Mixing for Video are encouraged to enroll. Each session will provide useful tools and techniques for capturing and manipulating audio no matter what creative vision you have. All learning will focus on applying your new skills through your own creative projects.

Sean Peuquet is a sound artist, scholar, and audio programmer based in Denver. He presents his work regularly at national and international venues for contemporary music such as the International Computer Music Conference (Shanghai, Utrecht, Ljubljana, Belfast), Toronto Electroacoustic Music Symposium, Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Seoul), Sines and Squares (Manchester, UK), Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, and Society of Composers, Inc. In February and early March of 2018, Sean will be in residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna, FL working on multichannel sound spatialization and composition. From 2012 to 2014 he served as Visiting Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University while completing his PhD in Music Composition at the University of Florida. He received his MA from Dartmouth College and holds a BA from the University of Virginia. His current research interests include generative music, self-reflexive listening practices, and identifying new paths for art as a socio-cultural determinant.