a.c.n.e | 1995 Youth Art Exhibition


We’re very excited to announce a brand new art collective centered on providing high-quality exhibitions for teenage artists looking to break into the contemporary art market.

a.c.n.e stands for artist coalition of a new era. This company aims to give young artists real life work experience and increased confidence as they explore a possible career in the arts. An exhibition platform and curated showcase for artists, it provides professional education in art world practices to it’s members.

This is such an exciting service, so be sure and join us for the inaugural exhibition >1995 featuring works from artists such as Eltia Wintersquash, Carly Deanick, Sam Wilkin, and more. To be held here at Boulder’s creative hub, madelife, a.c.n.e is working to curate an evening to showcase multimedia works from cutting edge creators.

Follow all the newest developments with the show at a-c-n-e.co.

And don’t forget to follow a.c.n.e on Instagram, here.

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