Brizida Ahrnsbrak

Brizida Ahrnsbrak

Brizida Ahrnsbrak in the showroom

Brizida Ahrnsbrak is a Boulder based artist who draws inspiration from her childhood and injects this youthfulness into her art.

About Brizida:

“I grew up in Portugal with my grandmother and big sister. [For] as long as I can remember we were always making things as a family, my grandmother loved to garden and bake delicious cakes. Me and my sister would make clothes for our dolls and many things by hand. As we did not have a lot of toys it helped us grown in our imagination. I guess my childhood has impacted me greatly in my current work. I am inspired by the innocence and naivetĂ© of children’s art, frolicking through forests and mountains, of excursions to thrift shops and olden children’s books, and of folk arts across this globe. I enjoy simplicity, wee characters, collecting and cutting papers, etc.”


We currently have several of Brizida’s amazing pieces displayed in our showroom, come check them out!