Artist Spotlight: EN Hong

madelife is excited to present a collection of oil paintings and drawings by EN Hong, titled “Sin-Yeoseong – 신여성 – New Women“, opening this Friday the 5th, 6-9pm. We had a chance to sit down with EN and ask some questions about her history and her artwork.

Girls - 2

Name: EN Hong
Current Residence: Golden, Colorado
Country of Origin: South Korea
Describe yourself and your work: A recovering Neo-Confucian living in the West; my work reflects that.
What piece of work best represents you and why? In my view, Everything I create represents me. To the outside world, I think that’s yet to be seen.

Drawing - mikki animal

How does culture influence your work? Growing up in Korea I was inspired by a very surface level understanding of American culture. Now, having lived in America for almost 10 years I realize the gap between my idealized version and reality. At the same time, I find myself looking back to my home country with a new and altered viewpoint on what that reality has become. This counterpoint, of cultural amalgam and limbo, greatly affects my work.

Where do you go to get inspired? Anywhere that I can watch people
Describe the setting of where one of your artworks will be in the year 2050.  G-Dragon’s mansion in Samcheong-dong
How do you balance being an artist and being a mother? Amazingly, being a mother has given even more balance to my life.
What is your process for coming up with new work? My process always begins with compiling so many various images until some spark of a concept emerges from the stew. Then, if a couple sometimes very different sparks, somehow work together to create a story, I find a way to bring that to life.

Girls - 1

Why do you believe art has value? Art inspires, challenges and gives pleasure.
What is playing on your stereo? Red Velvet
What’s in your cup in the mornings? PG Tips
Whats the best part about being an artist? To be able to live as who I really am.

Flower Boys


Come see EN’s work in person this Friday, as part of our First Friday art exhibition- more about the show can be found HERE

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