Join us April 18, from 7-9pm for a meeting that will cover Ableton Live!

We will be focusing on live performance. One of the most amazing things about Live is it’s flexibility when used on stage. There are a million ways perform with Live, so it important to find which methods play to your strengths as a performer. Group organizer Zaak Kerstetter will give a brief demonstration of his live setup, as well as show what makes it all work in Ableton. There will also be a discussion about develop goals, and setting limitations while designing a live setup.

This is a totally FREE event! Bring your laptop to follow along!

The Boulder Ableton Live User Group is for anyone interested in learning more about producing and performing with Ableton Live. In addition to learning about the software, this is a great place to meet and share ideas with other users. The goal is to build a strong community around growing as music producers. All skill levels are welcome from absolute beginner to expert.

madelife is a launchpad for artists and entrepreneurs founded on mentorship, collaboration, and continuous iteration. Our Creative Accelerator Program allows us to host events for Music, Graphic Design, Videography and Photography that act as resources for our participants and our community.
For more information please visit us at https://madelife.com/

RSVP on the facebook group and make sure to follow Boulder Ableton Live User Group for updates on events!


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