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The madelife Creative Accelerator program inspires our participants to reach their creative potential and actively helps them to launch their careers in a project-based, goal oriented 12-week program. Creative Accelerants join our program to undergo a process of refining their visions, creating their projects from the ground up, and we embolden our participants to review their efforts to see if their processes can be improved or refined in ways that can enhance their creative enterprises. We encourage Accelerants looking to launch careers in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography, and Creative Businesses to come and join our program to really bring themselves to the next level.

Past Accelerants from our program have found great success in enriching their creative careers. But don’t take our word for it. In this series, we are profiling past participants to get their take on how The Creative Accelerator Program has elevated their work and given them the tools to more forward effectively on their journey . Each individual has their own unique story to tell and we are pleased to let them give insight into what their time at madelife has meant for them.


As we kick off our Accelerator Profile series, we are highlighting incredibly accomplished singer-songwriter Wilson Harwood of Boulder, Colorado. Wilson came to madelife seeking transition from deeply collaborative projects to building his self-titled, solo project, Wilson Harwood. He utilized the program as a vehicle to realign his talents, improve upon his compositions, enhance his production skills, and really develop a sense of business acumen that has given him the ability to sustain and manage his career. His unerring passion for evolving his work inspired a level of development that madelife had never seen before and we are pleased to say, we were put to the test to help Wilson build his project from conception to execution.

Wilson is now a full time musician living in Nashville, Tennesee and we’ve really enjoyed his ongoing dedication to guiding other madelife artists by hosting workshops and even serving as a Music Mentor here at madelife. Please enjoy this video as he explains his theory of making creativity his business which includes a short overview of what he learned here at madelife.

To stay up to date with Wilson’s music, check out his website.

You can find Wilson’s page here on Facebook.

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