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Today we are highlighting graphic design maven Michele Fitzgerald as part of our ongoing Accelerator Profile series. In this video, Michele describes her experience with the Creative Accelerator Program and what inspired her to take the plunge to fully invest in her career. Michele came to madelife fresh from an undergrad program with a specific focus to learn graphic design from the ground up. With her drive and natural illustrative talent, we were able to craft a special program with our mentors to teach Michele the very targeted skills she wanted to achieve immersed in fully professional projects for local Boulder businesses such as cycling bibs for Sticker Giant and a rebrand of Trident Café. She then used the program as the vehicle to launch her design and illustration brand, Wolves of Mars, which features a range of textiles, illustration work, and snowboards.

I got more out of the 12 week Creative Accelerator program than I did with four years of school.

Michele’s program was sponsored by a financial gift provided by local salon, Voodoo Hair Lounge, here in Boulder. Once a year, Voodoo hosts their charity party, Wig Out, to raise money to invest into the local community. madelife was honored to accept Michele’s program fee as an investment into the kind of excellence the Creative Accelerator Program supports within the larger Boulder community.

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The madelife Creative Accelerator program inspires our participants to reach their creative potential and actively helps them to launch their careers in a project-based, goal oriented 12-week program. Creative Accelerants join our program to undergo a process of refining their visions, creating their projects from the ground up, and we embolden our participants to review their efforts to see if their processes can be improved or refined in ways that can enhance their creative enterprises. We encourage Accelerants looking to launch careers in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography, and Creative Businesses to come and join our program to really bring themselves to the next level.

Past Accelerants from our program have found great success in enriching their creative careers. But don’t take our word for it. In this series, we are profiling past participants to get their take on how The Creative Accelerator Program has elevated their work and given them the tools to more forward effectively on their journey . Each individual has their own unique story to tell and we are pleased to let them give insight into what their time at madelife has meant for them.

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