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 It was in the 8th grade when Sam Omiotek found his interest in photography sparked. Born with a strong  urge to capture visual experiences, buying a Canon DSLR 4DD to shoot pictures of his friends on their bikes, as well as landscapes, captivated his imagination. Sam quickly learned he had an eye for photography, particularly composition, and he approaches each shot as a way to create an environment within the picture—a marriage of subject position and framing.


After high school, Sam attended Cal Poly where, despite photography being an important part of his youth, he lost interest in his creative passion. His loss of interest was fueled by his school’s photography classes being unavailable to first year students. This, coupled with the demands of a busy new schedule, led him to slow down his creative pursuits. However, in August of 2015, the purchase of  a Canon 5D Mark II helped Sam to reignite his interest in photography.

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After experiencing a change of perspective about his life and goals upon completion of a wilderness therapy program, Sam has rededicated himself to his creative passions. He’s since been motivated to make music, take photos, and enjoy his life through the lens of his creative engagements. And he personally believes that madelife has proven to be an excellent outlet for advancing his creative activity and know-how. The workspace, the access to tools, and the help that madelife provides for each participant to pursue their own creative aspirations has allowed for him to diversify and, ultimately, enrich his process. Sam has also spent time in the studio, performed at open mics nights monthly, and, best of all, he has developed meaningful connections with people like Dana, his madelife Photography Mentor, and Chelsea, his Graphic Design Mentor who was key in supporting the development of Sam’s website. Sam recommends the Creative Accelerator Program to anyone who would like to pursue new dynamic opportunities in the directions of music, art, and creative vocations.


To learn more about Sam Omiotek’s work, visit his website.


The madelife Creative Accelerator program inspires our participants to reach their creative potential and actively helps them to launch their careers in a project-based, goal oriented 12-week program. Creative Accelerants join our program to undergo a process of refining their visions, creating their projects from the ground up, and we embolden our participants to review their efforts to see if their processes can be improved or refined in ways that can enhance their creative enterprises. We encourage Accelerants looking to launch careers in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography, and Creative Businesses to come and join our program to really bring themselves to the next level.

Past Accelerants from our program have found great success in enriching their creative careers. But don’t take our word for it. In this series, we are profiling past participants to get their take on how The Creative Accelerator Program has elevated their work and given them the tools to more forward effectively on their journey . Each individual has their own unique story to tell and we are pleased to let them give insight into what their time at madelife has meant for them.

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