Out of Sight: New Work by Sarah Pedry Obuchowski and Molly McIntyre

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Opening Reception Friday October 2nd 6-9pm
Exhibition on view October 2nd through November 1st

Artist Statement:

The show will consist of two distinct bodies of work from the two artists. Though different in style and subject matter, what unites the work are its shared themes and focus: what it means to watch and be watched; to be visible and to be out of sight.

Sarah’s series of narrative paintings reimagine the tale of Little Red Riding Hood from a feminist and naturalist perspective. The imagery is rendered through the eyes of Little Red Riding Hood, a young naturalist exploring the forest. Her encounter with the wolf is a tentative meeting of like minds as opposed to adversaries; the huntsman is now the source of danger and destruction. How Little Red Riding Hood interacts with the wolf and the huntsman is how she finds the strength in herself, as well as nature, to overcome danger. As a painter who was born and raised in the American West, and who loves observing the natural world, Sarah’s paintings depict the details of the woods with great detail and care.

In Molly’s black-and-white cut outs, groups of naked or nearly naked women lean on, lay on, play with, and push against one another, creating organic structures. The medium of cut paper requires that all lines connect to other lines, and this interdependence is felt in the physical nature of the pieces, as well as the subject matter. Naked or near-naked female bodies on display may be viewed as symbols of vulnerability. However, in McIntyre’s cut-outs the interdependence of the figures creates a strength and an insularity, a power in numbers that positions the viewer as the “other.”The Approach-2

Together the work of the two artists creates a new vision for understanding vulnerability and strength, what it feels like to be in a body, and challenges who is seen and who does the seeing.

October 2, 2015 – 6-9pm

2000 21st Street Boulder, CO 80302

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