20 Questions: Danielle DeRoberts


Originally from New York, Danielle DeRoberts is a painter and fashion designer currently residing in Telluride, CO.  Before relocating, Danielle lived in San Francisco, CA where she painted and designed for her indie clothing label, onerary.  Danielle’s unique technique of sewing directly into her paintings creates textured pieces that spring to life, transforming the two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional installations. Through her art, Danielle desires to create a space where the audience feels welcome and comfortable. Her paintings are dream like vessels for her to communicate and she hopes her own creative expression will inspire the viewer to connect with their own soul voice… Danielle works as a full time artist between Colorado and California.

DeRoberts’ latest painting and drawing installation, “A Union.”, exploring themes of interconnectivity, opens First Friday, March 4th at madelife.


1.Tell us who you are in one sentence?

Explorer of the dream world… “oneironaut”

2.When did you know you were an artist?  

When my grandfather said he believed in me, when I became aware of how powerful that would always be.


3.How do materials inspire or contribute to your work?

I am inspired by transparent, bleeding fabric dyes, because of the way they soak into fabric- particularly into the thinner cotton blends.  This blending seems to physically express what I feel inside.  Layers of fabric become as important and revealing as layers of paint.  The overlapping space of line and thread furthers this layering formula and excites me as an artist because it’s a unique medium.  This as well inspires the merging of painting with fashion, through textiles.  Incorporating the back lights to my paintings adds a sublime effect to express the love for magic and hope.

unionsewingdetail4.Tell us about the theme of interconnectivity?

I see it as being a union that is unbounded, connected together… in the physical and in love and spirit.

5.Where do you go to get inspired?

This one runs deep… emotions, day to day simple interactions, having a day with my grandmother playing cards & her sharing her oldest stories, to adventuring the mountains, rivers, beaches and cities with my boyfriend, to the darkest and brightest moments, the night, moonlight and stars, campfires, palate of the desert, sun on skin, details of a face, textures, touch, complexity of a person, scent of a person, the love of being with friends, an impactful moment with a stranger, connection to animals, sounds of my childhood with my sister, my mother combing my hair, my grandfather’s warm heart, holding hands, a kiss, dancing close, nature, other cultures, my culture, travel, architecture, inventive fashion, personal style, music, a musicians life changing quotes~ to the best part of a song, silence, past and present souls, an after life, my soul, love, dreamworlds, real worlds, physical and inner challenges, being still and in motion, the unknown… the now… and much, much more.











6.What have you learned through making art that has surprised you?  

I am still always surprised when I think I am making a mistake,  it actually unfolds into something better than I could have conceptualized.

7.Describe the setting of where a piece of your art will be in the year 3001.  

Maybe an outside installation of artists works, past and present, coming together for the world’s biggest Pink Floyd tribute show, in Iceland.  Lit up by the Northern lights?!  Possibly some of my paintings recycled into one of the most epic outfits for an artist to wear to the event, or for a fashion show that would be at play.


8.Do you collaborate with other artists and what is that like?  

Yes! I love collaborations of all sorts.  Especially with musicians.  I love to incorporate sound, when possible, from talented musician friends to the connection with musicians that I have never physically met.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received as an artist?  unionpillows2

Always consider the viewer…

10.What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?  

No need to act on every emotion…

11.What is the last piece of art you purchased?  

Last piece of art I purchased was at a magical Reggae festival with Garan, my boyfriend…. we found this glowing tower of light… of all the vendors, only one to be selling something different.  Hand carved light up boxes and wall hangings. We bought 3, they brighten up our home everyday now.

12.How have you witnessed art contribute to culture?

unionstudio2In many ways… Art unites people within and across cultures, I feel it defines the values and interests within a culture.  The beauty is how it stretches out of one, into another, over far away lands.  I believe art helps people to relate to one another with no boundaries.  Street art in particular, allows for any person to be a part of it, who may normally never step inside a gallery.  Art is forever interesting, complex and simple… it is a direct communication with someone you may never physically meet.  Your perspective on a particular piece can even change with you over time.

13.You get one super power, what is it?

Healing powers

unionsewingdetail2 14.What plays on your stereo?  

Depends on the time of day, right now… Mark Knopfler

What’s in your morning cup?  

In the winter… My day starts with getting up to make Garan a breakfast burrito to take for his day patrolling on the mountain, here in Telluride.  I don’t drink coffee, this is the start to my day 🙂


 16.What is your theme song?  unioninterconnectivity

 “soul love”

 17.What is it that makes you keep making art everyday?

It is a knowing, my soul purpose

18.What’s the best part about being an artist?

It has become a daily meditation for me, that I get to create. Being an artist helps me to be present, which for me is one of the best things.  Sharing what I do with others and how I can inspire and help in their lives.  To add light…

 19.Words of wisdom for young artists?  

Walk with complete devotion…

20.What’s in store for the rest of 2016?  

 “ Let’s dance…”

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.43.48 AM

find DeRoberts on Instagram @oneiromancy

and check out her website – onerary

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