Documentary Storytelling | Ethics & New Technologies


Documentary Storytelling | Ethics & New Technologies
Technology is constantly evolving and being reinvented. As storytellers, this can be both frustrating and thrilling. But, what do these new technologies mean for the field of documentary storytelling and its “code of ethics”? Using the interactive documentary project, Caste Out, filmmaker Hanna Stawicki will talk to us about how we can use these new technologies to enhance the stories in new and impactful ways. In addition, we’ll discuss how these new technologies impact the ethics of documentary storytelling.
Tickets | FREE
Place | madelife @ 2000 21st Street  Boulder, CO
Date | Sunday, February 12th
Time | 1:00 – 2:15 PM

And don’t forget to check out the trailer for Caste Out to see what Hanna has been up to these last months. A touching look into the loves of young Dalit siblings in Nepal, the film examines the ambitions, lives, and changing state of what it is to be considered “untouchable” in Nepal.

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