Ableton’s Team Supreme feature

As more and more individuals forgo average career paths in pursuit of their passions in art, the artist collective is a driving force for success.

Ableton recently released a documentary featuring a collective of producers out of LA, Team Supreme. Members of Team Supreme forged a collective path that boosted their creativity and ultimately their careers.

Team Supreme’s manifestation aligns supremely well with madelife’s own founding principles- mentorship,  collaboration, and continuous iteration. The individuals that make up Team Supreme could each likely speak to the importance of these principles to their musical careers. They found mentorship in their teacher, Steve Nalepa, collaboration amongst themselves and many other musicians, and practiced continuous iteration in their beat cyphers leading to the Team’s formation and international following.

Shout out to Team Supreme, a group of makers who create culture in the LA beat scene and beyond.

Watch their Ableton feature documentary below-

Though the collective originated from its weekly beat cyphers, each member successfully pursues solo work in diverse genres. Cody Farwell, or Goodnight Cody, has been know to play Jungle sets at Team Supreme shows, but he’s also a multitalented musician in his own right, slaying banjo, upright bass, and whatever he has in his hands at the moment. Goodnight Cody recently released a full album, Wide as the Moonlight, Warm as the Sun. Producer/DJ Aaron (Mr.) Carmack barely needs an introduction due to his extensive discography and recently hitting the ground running back in the states after a world tour. Another member, Kenny Segal produces some of the illest beats in cahoots with LA underground hip-hop heads like Busdriver and Open Mic Eagle. Kate Ellwanger, known by her alias Dot, founded Unspeakable Records, an all female label. Dot and the other Unspeakable Records artists will forcefully femme up the electronic music scene this month, releasing new music every week in honor of International Women’s Day. Mike Parvizi and Preston James who collaborate as Penthouse Penthouse recently released a track with Maribelle – About Youthat you’ll want to add to your “smooth tunes for bbygirl” playlist. 

The individuals that make up Team Supreme, really make it what it is – a group of hard working artists, leading in music production, performance and recording. There’s certainly strength in numbers, but there’s also strength in being phenomenally dedicated to your art.


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