Community Hang(Out)

comunityhangmadelifemadelife is excited to bring you the Community Hang(Out) this January. A night filled with art, music, and more art. We are opening up our walls to local artists who would like to show their work in our gallery. For a period of two weeks, we will feature the works on our walls for anyone to see.

We are also honored to be hosting a well respected jury of art professionals from BMoCA& [art] space, and the City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture to judge the show. And the artists who are determined to be the winners will receive their very own solo exhibition here at madelife in May of 2017!

How does it work?

Artists | Bring 2-4 pieces of work, ready to hang between 3 & 6 pm.

Hanging fee: $5 / work

Contact if you’d like help pricing your work, or are wondering what to bring

Everyone Else | Come hang out for free, hear local bands, support our local art community & get some great art at affordable prices!


How many pieces can I hang?

We recommend 2-4 pieces so the judges can get a taste of your work, but not so many that you’re still respectful of the other artists.

What time is hanging?

3-6 pm on Saturday the 14th.

What if I can’t make that timeframe?

Please contact and we can work something out.

How much does it cost to hang my art?

The cost is $5 per artwork

Does the event cost money?

The event is free entry – bring your friends!

When is takedown?

Takedown will be the week of January 28th – 2 weeks after the show. Gallery hours will be from 11am to 2pm on weekdays and by appt on weekends.

Is there a commission?

Yes, the commission is a 50/50 split between you and madelife.

How much should I price my work?

This is an affordable art party, so we recommend you bring works that are under $500.

Does everything I hang have to be for sale?

No but at least 50% of what you show should be for sale.

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